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How It Work
  • Bathroom Resurfacing
    • Wall & Floor
    • Bathtub
    • Basin
  • Kitchen Resurfacing
    • Cabinet
    • Splash Back
    • Benchtop
  • Painting Services
    • Interior
    • Exterior
    • Commercial
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Kitchen Resurfacing Sydney

The bathroom and kitchen are the sections of the house that takes the most brunt resulting in wear and tear. This section of the house is susceptible to deteriorate faster and may require to be redone before the whole house. Suhrab Group is the leading company in Australia for kitchen and bathroom resurfacing. Apart from our resurfacing services, we also provide painting services for the kitchen. The bathroom and kitchen of the house require a different process of painting. Our extended experience has allowed us access to top-quality materials for the bathroom.

Kitchen Resurfacing Start from only $1200+GST

Kitchen Resurfacing Company
Bathroom Resurfacing Company

Bathroom & Kitchen Resurfacing and Painting Services

We have workers who have been doing this sort of work for several years and are professionals. They work like artists taking care of the minutest aspect and ensuring that everything is perfect. We are a resurfacing company that has dedicated decades into this industry and recommend resurfacing over replacing the entire interior as you can save both time and money with resurfacing. Our bathroom and kitchen resurfacing solutions includesonsite and factory regalzing, restoration, and resurfacing.

We are a company that offers complete bathroom and kitchen painting and resurfacing solutions. Our over a decade experience and thousands of happy clients makes us the ideal company in Australia if you want to resurface your bathroom and kitchen. Our bathroom resurfacing includes wall & floor, bathtub, and basin; kitchen resurfacing includes cabinet, splash back, and benchtop; and painting services includes interior, exterior, and commercials.