Epoxy Flooring Sydney

Are you looking for some subtle finish for your floors? Is it getting quite confusing to get the best epoxy flooring painters for your house? If you are concerned about getting expert paintwork done at your home, do not worry anymore.We are here at your service with the best epoxy paint and floor coating in Sydney.
We, at SGResurfacing, focus on delivering high-end epoxy flooring services at affordable price ranges to our valued customers. We have been in the resurfacing and paintingbusiness for the past few decades and havedone over 1000 projects in different sectors. Be it an office or a residential area; we provide services to all.

Epoxy Paint Sydney

Epoxy Flooring Sydney

Industrial and Commercial Floor Coatings

Epoxy flooring coating is the procedure of providing a layer of epoxy paint to cover the basement, garage, and patio floors. Generally, the epoxy coating isn’t any paint but a mixture of epoxy and acrylic paint. The acrylic formulation allowsyou to choose and customise their colours, and the epoxy paint dries up very quickly.
Epoxy flooring is quite beneficial as it helps to protect your flooring from gasoline or oil stains. As the paint comprises of resin and hardener in its formulation, hence it creates a solvent-resistant finish for the floors. Due to its durability, this type of paint is used to cover the concrete floors, decks, countertops, etc. That is the reason why people opt for epoxy flooring Sydney on areas like workroom and garage floors.

Sydney wide epoxy floor coating

We have a distinctive selection procedure, which only allows the best professionals to be involved with our company. We also provide training to our professional teams from time to time to update their skills and knowledge.
Our skilled floor coating and painters provide coating and painting services to both interiors as well as exterior setups across the country. As they have been working for several years, they deliver high-end services and flawless service to all customers.
Another aspect to consider is that the workers always make sure of the safety and cleanliness of your property. Apart from this, we also provide exceptional customer care services to all our clients. You can trust us with your property and allow us to prove our worth. Thus, whether it is epoxy flooring painters that you are looking for or something else, give us a call today.

Epoxy Floor Coating Sydney

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Some of the painting services and paint systems we regularly use:

  • Wood Treatment

  • Single Pack and Two Pack Paints

  • Specialist Finishes

  • Spraying